Belgrade – city that never sleeps

And here we go 🙂 It’s time to start alternative tourist guide series! First treat is Belgrade – city that was a big suprise for us during our Istambul trip.

This guide was written by Matija and Una – our Belgrade friends and guides 🙂 Thank you guys! (Polish version coming soon)

Heart of the Serbia!
City with around 2.000.000 citizens is biggest city in the region. All of people from other cities in Serbia wants to come and live here. Strong economy, good infrastructure, all kind of people and greatest night life witch is also really cheap… 0.5l of bear is around 1 to 1.5 euro in the pub or club, and around 80 cents in „kafana”l or 1 euro for 1l… When you come to Serbia you must visit „kafana” That is the place witch almost always looks little bit retro. You can eat and drink there… During the night, there is usually live traditional music, lots of alcohol and every third round can be „on the hose” 

Thing everybody knows about Belgrade is that you can go out every night and, any day of the week, and you can easy find place to party… This city never sleep! There are always young and friendly people on the streets, and clubs on the river (splavovi), no matter of time…

Literally translated „rafts” or something on the water…
„Splavovi” are big clubs on the water, on the river precisely, and definitely biggest attraction in Belgrade those years… You have many different clubs of that kind here and all of them have different style, different kind of music and different kind of people…
Most popular splavovi are:
-POVETARAC (funk, rege, drum’n’bass, rap, hip-hop, nu jazz, dubstep, old school rock’n’roll)
-BOLLYWOOD (R’n’B, House, Domastic trash)
-CARTEL (Live music with famous Serbian national singers)
-BLAYWATCH (House, Serbian music and kids under 18 
-PLASTIC (jazz. reggae, drum’n’bass)
-RIVER (House and R’n’


Clubs like any other clubs… Only difference is that they are open ’till 7 in the morning… 
Most popular are:
-PLASTIC (good one with lots of tourists)
-MAGACIN (cocaine, celebrities and sluts)
-STEFAN BROUN (sluts and douche bags : )
-PEOPLES (good music, near the Ada lake)
-KUGLASH (Metal, Rock’n’Roll, etc.)
And other 37 clubs… 

For day activities, here is (Ada lake)
That is most popular place during the summer. That is the lake with 5km long beach and around 15 clubs and 15 cafes… During the day, you can swim, lay on the beach or sit in a cafe which is also on the beach… You can drink coffee for around 1.5 euro there, which is expensive when you compare to other cafes.

There is also always something in downtown… Main street is place for shopping, nearby is interesting castle with nature and good view, great energy… Is common to see people playing guitars to earn some money or just for fun with friends… People sitting on the grass or walls of the old castle…

**Belgrade architecture!

There is one thing that everyone noticed! There is no concept in Belgrade architecture. You can see beautiful old building beside super hi-tech newest building… You can see abandoned old house in the middle of the most popular and frequent place in the city. I really don’t know why, butt I must admit that i like it like that…  Sometimes it can look authentic and interesting… There are always interesting stories related to those old houses, they often looks spooky, so people talk about ghosts in them and stuff  However, Belgrade is bigger and bigger every day, there is always something new like a new hi-tech bridge, longest bridge of that kind in the world…

*Serbs and tourists

We adore people from other countries! Every tourist can notice that we are extremely friendly, polite and hospitable to them… That become a part of Serbian mentality… That is probably because we have a bad picture because of war and stuff, and we want to show to others that we are not so bad  However, that is not a bad thing… Tourists are usually treated like someone special, and I never heard that tourists had any bad experience with people here…

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